Active Cloud

  • Cloud is just next generation datacenters with a pricepoint and feature set that traditional datacenters, even virtualized, can never achieve.  Active/Active Cloud is such a feature.
  • Protect your web, email and other systems with a multi-site deployment worldwide which defies geography and is active/active – meaning it can failover intra-transaction instantly!
  • Active/Active cloud is not replication, it is a cloud synchronization layer that is agnostic to distance, disparate servers, storage, hypervisors, networks and more.
  • Ask us how to go beyond BCDR and HA by utilizing Active/Active Cloud TODAY!
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Cloud Backup

  • Backup Windows Servers (32/64 bit) to the Cloud
  • Backup Windows desktops/laptops to the Cloud
  • Backup Apple Mac desktops/laptops to the Cloud
  • User web-based self service portal to monitor backups and perform restores
  • Encrypted, secure
  • Block level changes replicated
  • Open files are backed up easily
  • 3 iterations of each backed up file are retained by default
  • Both agent and agentless backup mechanisms
  • Scale beyond the limitations which stop most “cloud storage” solutions from moving large data to the Cloud securely and effectively (or at all!)
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Internet BGP, MIRO, XIP

  • Public ASN, IP blocks, and BGP acquistion, configuration, & more
  • Private ASN, IP blocks, and BGP acquisition, configuration, & more
  • “MIRO” – Managed Internet Route Optimization (it does the traffic engineering BGP alone doesn’t provide)
  • “XIP” – Accelerated IP …  3x traffic acceleration for any TCP based protocol without the use of a WANx appliance; great for Intenret facing websites, ftp servers, and other services
  • Peer with 10+ Internet providers via 1 link for as low as $12.50/mbps + last mile circuit cost
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