About Us

about us
tamCloud is a WholeSale Cloud Provider (“WCP”) offering Infrastructure-as-a-Service (“IAAS”) to MSP’s, VAR’s and select customers who are looking for a fast, secure, affordably global platform to operate from without the high and unpredictable cost associated with many public Cloud Providers.

Using tamCloud results in an immediate 10%+ cost savings for “pay as you go” and advances the discount tier significantly as you spend more. For customers spending $10k or more, data transfer fees can be eliminated entirely saving an enormous amount of money while granting unlimited network access to all hosted resources.

In the Cloud business since 2012, tamCloud is a veteran team of certified engineers & developers who know datacenter, virtualization and network technologies at an expert level. If you’re looking to host virtual servers, desktops, storage, backups, firewalls, VPN/SDWAN connectivity atop of state-of-the-art infiniband and SSD/NVME systems, then you’ve come to the right place. Sign up today for a FREE account and explore! No credit card required until you’re ready to spin up resources with our flat hourly/monthly predictable pricing.

TMPros is the exclusive channel distributor for tamCloud so if you're interested in 1) signing up as a reseller or 2) having a managed Cloud experience, we'll put you in touch or reach out directly via [email protected] & mention tamCloud!

Spin up today in our datacenters in:
San Jose/Santa Clara, CA, USA
Tulsa, OK, USA -- coming soon
Ashburn, VA, USA
Sydney, Australia
Melbourne, Australia