Cloud PC's (DaaS)

A Cloud PC/DaaS (desktop as a service) is a great way to insure you have a virtual office that is always ready when disaster strikes.  Also you can add more CPU, memory & disk in seconds vs. waiting for a physical PC or upgrades to arrive. 

Why invest millions in datacenters, infrastructure, software, licensing and staff when you need work from home (WFH) or virtual workspace/office failover TODAY?  

Our CloudPC bundles start at $1,000/month for 40 users which is just $25/user/month!  Scale up/down thousands of virtual desktops with your apps pre-installed with the click of a button!

Great for:
1. Work from home (WFH)
2. Redeploying secure environments from a known good golden image after a malware disaster
3. A ready-to-go virtual office in case of branch outages
4. Day 1 employees whose laptop and other gear may not be ready but need to be productive on start day
5. Existing employees who need a temporary way to work when their equipment is stolen, damaged or under repair
6. Testing software on a desktop before you roll it out companywide
7. When your needs change and you need more CPU, memory, disk -- why forklift upgrade? In a few clicks you can add all that to a virtual desktop
8. For temp staff, contractors, and others who you need visibility and control over

We have a terrific analytics portal so you instantly know how the virtual desktop is running for each user worldwide.  User experience is very important and often overlooked in most DaaS deployments!

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